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5 Points

This is an exclusive badge that can only be awarded to the student who is selected as the top debater in an inter-class championship with an initial field of over 100 students in your year group.


  • Your preparation of information and analysis covered most major issues for the given topic

Organisation and Presentation:

  • There was a logical flow in the presentation of arguments
  • Your information was organised in a coherent manner
  • Your presentation contained key points that further your over-all team line
  • Your presentation employed a range of effective persuasive techniques
  • You spoke with clarity and precision
  • Your body, voice and facial expressions were used to further strengthen your arguments or undermine others (for example, a sarcastic, skeptical or imperious expression)

Use of Arguments:

  • Your debate speech presented your arguments clearly
  • Your arguments strengthened your team’s line

Rebuttal (where appropriate)

  • You offered a clear defense against challenges to your team’s argument from the opposite side;
  • You were able to identify any weakness of the opposite side’s argument

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