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Interpret a Shakespearian Scene

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To unlock this achievement, you must re-write a scene from a Shakespearian play. The new scene should be set in a new context and, while the language will be altered, clear references to the original text must be evident. Your script must conform to the following criteria:


  • The script must conform to standard script-writing conventions: Named Characters, Stage Directions, Clear Dialogue


  • At least three figurative language features present in Shakespeare’s original script must also be used in the re-interpreted script
  • The scene must be at least three pages of the original script and show the development of an important event in the plot.  You should discuss the scene with your teacher to be sure that it is valid for the achievement.
  • The script must follow the plot and character motivations present in the original scene
  • At least one prop or setting choice should support or match the symbolism in the original scene


  • Spelling is accurate in most words with few lapses, even in uncommon language
  • Punctuation features are used consistently and correctly and in some instances are used for creative effect

The script may also be performed for the attainment of the “Treading the Boards” badge

Examples of scripts that meet the Stage 3 ‘Riff the Bard” criteria:

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