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My School Life – Français

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Year 7 French


To achieve this badge you have to be able to give the following information:

  • who you are ;
  • what you do before school (2 details MINIMUM) ;
  • the subjects you study in general (including one time and 3 days) ;
  • your opinion about AT LEAST two subjects that you study (one positive and one negative) ;
  • a justification of your opinion ;
  • what you do after school (2 details MINIMUM).


This can be done as a speech or as an interview (in which case one of your peers or your teacher will ask you a question for you to answer for each bullet point). Don’t forget to say hello and goodbye!

Success criteria:

  • COMMUNICATION: at least 5 of the 6 bullet points covered.
  • RANGE AND ACCURACY OF LANGUAGE: correct word order and mostly correct verbs’ endings.
  • PRONUNCIATION AND INTONATION: consistently good accent and intonation. Correct pronunciation of these letters:
    • h[silent]
    • e[silent at the end]
    • ç[s] (as in ça va)
  • INTERACTION AND FLUENCY: conversation sustained at a reasonable speed, language expressed fluently.
  • QUALITY : Use of 2 connectives AT LEAST + one time phrase AT LEAST.

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