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Justifying personal opinions – Spanish

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To achieve this badge you need to be able to justify a personal opinion on a topic of your choice.

You need to express your opinion (I love / I prefer/ I like / I don’t / like / I hate) followed by “because it is” + adjective.

Tip! Do use connectives (and / but / also / however…) to make longer sentences!

Success criteria:

  • COMMUNICATION: justified opinion expressed clearly.
  • RANGE AND ACCURACY OF LANGUAGE: correct word order, verbs’ endings and adjectival agreement (ie: add an -s for plural, swap to -a for feminine).
  • PRONUNCIATION AND INTONATION: consistently good accent and intonation. Correct pronunciation of these letters if used:
    • H[silence]
    • Ñ[ny]
    • LL[y] (as in yellow)
  • INTERACTION AND FLUENCY: speech sustained at a reasonable speed, language expressed fluently.

 Examples of students who have unlocked this badge in the past:

“Me encanta ver la television porque es interesante y entretenido, pero no me gusta ir de compras porque es aburrido”.




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