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Present a Viva

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To unlock this achievement you must speak about an extended text(s) in front of a panel of teachers and respond to their questions.



  • Students will submit a list of text(s) which they have read as part of a reading project.
  • The text(s) must be drawn from the literary reading list.
  • If invited they will present their findings under questioning to a specially convened panel of English and Drama teachers.
  • At least three texts will be drawn from the literary reading list.


  • Questions will draw upon student’s knowledge of the text(s) as well as testing the calibre of their analysis.
  • Students will only be invited to attend the panel if their reading project features texts judged to be of the required sophistication.


  • The interview will comprise a question and answer format.
  • Students answers must consist of consecutive sentences that develop a line of thought or argument.
  • The questions will be set by an expert teacher based on their knowledge of the text/s, including but not limited to character, theme and form.

Here are some examples of students who have unlocked this badge in the past:


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