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Cells & Tissues

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All living things are made up of biological building blocks called cells. Cells come in thousands of different types and are very different in plants and animals. Within them are organelles which perform different jobs. You must demonstrate your knowledge of basic plant and animal cells by completing the following tasks

  1. Label a diagram of a plant cell and an animal cell. Include the following organelles:
    • cell membrane
    • cell wall
    • nucleus
    • chloroplast
    • mitochondria
    • vacuole
  2. State the function of each of the labelled organelles
  3. Describe the difference between plant and animal cells and explain why these differences exist.
  4. Define the following terms and explain the relationships to one another. Provide examples.
    • cell
    • tissue
    • organ
    • organ system

Here is an example of how your cell diagram may look and how you might choose to lay out your information:


Download (DOCX, 13KB)


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