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It Went Like This…

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To unlock this achievement you must submit a piece of writing which tells part of a story that the author has not revealed to the reader. We know it has happened, but the author has not chosen to describe it.


  • This is a piece of extended writing of 500-800 words
  • There is a balance of description and dialogue
  • You make deliberate selections of tense and viewpoint
  • Descriptive detail demonstrates conscious use of imagery, language or grammatical structure


  • Narrative structure is coherent and might be; circular, linear or periodic


  • Characters maintain consistency in voice and demonstrate a clear motivation
  • The writing is tightly focussed on a specific incident 


  • Contains a balance between description and dialogue
  • Conforms to the features typical of the selected genre


  • Spelling is accurate in most words with some lapses in uncommon/technical language
  • Simple sentence structure is secure
  • Compound sentence structure is secure
  • Some minor errors in complex sentence structure that have a minimal impact on meaning
  • Punctuation is accurate in most instances
  • Tense and viewpoint are largely sustained consistently

This excerpt provides examples of some of the required features in place:

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