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Poetry By Heart

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You can unlock this achievement up to three times by learning a poem by heart and performing it in front of your class. Poems should be at least 10 lines long. You are expected to perform with NO major inaccuracies and a maximum of ONE Minor inaccuracy.

  • Minor inaccuracies include:
    • Confusing a pronoun (‘he’ instead of ‘she’)
    • Confusing an article (‘a’ instead of ‘the’)
    • Pluralising a word or vice versa (‘kangaroo’ instead of ‘kangaroos’)
    • Replacing a word with a similar word (‘jump’ instead of ‘leap’)
    • Confusing word order (‘pans and pots’ instead of ‘pots and pans’)
    • Missing out a word
    • Repeating a word
    • Adding a word
  • Major inaccuracies include:
    • One line out of order
    • Repeating a line
    • Skipping a line, or three or more words in the same line
    • Reversing two stanzas
    • Missing out a stanza

Examples of poetry by heart that have unlocked this achievement:

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Judging criteria gratefully adapted from “Poetry by Heart”.


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