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Badge icon "Meeting (6219)" provided by Scott Lewis, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Prepare a Role

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You can unlock this badge by consistently and imaginatively engaging in the preparation of a role for a dramatic moment.

While developing a drama in a group, you should demonstrate the following:

Explore Meaning

  • You must contribute to the collaborative creation of a dramatic world.
  • Your contributions must support those offered by others to create a dramatically functional world.
  • You must use the given circumstances to make creative decisions about your role within the created world.
  • There must be clear links between your prepared role and the stimulus given.

Record Keeping

The following should be used to demonstrate the criteria of the ‘Explore Meaning’ and ‘Deconstruct Meaning’ sections.

  • You must produce at least one physical document created while preparing for a role. This could be in the form of:
    • A diary entry
    • An application form
    • An imagined photograph
    • A detailed role on the wall
    • An object that holds significance to the role

Deconstruct Meaning

  • You must be able to explain the decisions you have made in relation to the role you embody.
  • Connections between the role and the given circumstances will be clear.
  • The prepared role will enable you to explore the dramatic moment fully.
  • The prepared role will enable you to remain self-reflective in the drama.

Self Management

You must use preparation time effectively.


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