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Hindus only really worship one God

  1. Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion.
  2. Give reasons why someone might disagree with you

Badge Criteria

  • A clear sentence stating whether they agree or disagree with the statement provided
  • A clear sentence stating why some people might disagree with their point of view
  • Up to 4 good clear PEEL paragraphs (2 for /2 against)
  • Good use of subject specific vocabulary (Key words,)
  • Detailed evidence that class work has been revised
  • Good evidence of independent study
  • providing a good awareness of the personal importance it may have for a Hindu

e.g. Here is a paragraph that uses the ‘PEEL’ structure         

P – Point:              I agree with the statement “Hindus only really worship one God”.

E – Evidence        for example when Hindus worship they often worship one god by chanting the word ‘aum’. This word represents Brahman, the supreme spirit.

E- Explanation   I think this shows that Hindus worship one God as they use the aum symbol to remind themselves that there is one god when they pray.

L – Link                 This shows why I agree with the statement “Hindus only really worship one God”.


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