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Badge icon "Speech (1202)" provided by The Noun Project under Creative Commons CC0 - No Rights Reserved

Introducing myself. Français

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French, speaking.

Personal presentation.

To earn this badge you need to be able to give the following information: Greeting/ What is the date?/ What is your name?/ How are you?/How old are you?/ when is your birthday?/ What do you have in your bag?

Success criteria:

  • COMMUNICATION: relevant answer to all the questions.
  • RANGE AND ACCURACY OF LANGUAGE: correct word order and mostly correct verbs’ endings and gender agreement.
  • PRONUNCIATION AND INTONATION: consistently good accent and intonation. Correct pronunciation of these letters/words:
    • é/è
    • un/une- le/la/les
  • INTERACTION AND FLUENCY: conversation sustained at a reasonable speed, language expressed fluently.

Examples of students who have unlocked this badge in the past



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