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Badge icon "Feather (6794)" provided by Polina Flegontovna, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Love Shakespeare!

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To achieve this badge, you must show how your understanding of a Shakespearian play has been affected by your research of the social/historical context of the piece.

You may comment on: genre, character, events and writer’s ideas in relation to specific information that you have found about the time in which the play was written.

The badge can be achieved in a written or verbal mode.

You can achieve this badge up to three times.


  • You must make clear reference to specific social or historical context in your exploration of a piece, stating how it has helped to develop your understanding of the original text.
  • You must show how the research you have undertaken has affected your understanding of the text.
  • You may refer to one specific event in the play or the play as a whole.


  • You must be able to say where your research came from (book/website/video).
  • When challenged, you must be able to explain your ideas logically, relating them to your research.

View the exemplar below:


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