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Badge icon "Bully (738)" provided by Edward Boatman, Chacha Sikes, Sofya Polyakov, Ben Sheldon, Kate Hopkins & Halley Sikes, from The Noun Project under The symbol is published under a Public Domain Mark


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You can unlock this badge by creating and exploring a moment of tension within a dramatic event. The exploration should be within a performance of a minimum of 3 minutes in length.

Explore Meaning

  • The dramatic moment should explore one of the four recognized forms of dramatic tension:
    • relationship – conflict, dilemma or misunderstanding between people;
    • task – uncertainty of success around an action;
    • mystery – tension built around the unknown;
    • surprise – shock of the expected or unexpected;
    • metaxis – when the real world collides with the fictional world.
  • The tension must be sustained throughout the drama.
  • The moment of tension should be built around a single situation or idea.
  • The moment of tension builds to, but does not reach, a point of conflict.

Transmit Meaning

  • Characterization choices develop a consistent emotional response from the audience.
  • Performers respond to the offers of others consistently in role to develop the tension of the piece.

Deconstruct Meaning

  • You must be able to explain the decisions you have made to develop the tension of the piece.
  • Reflection plots key moments in the development of the tension and how this was created through their character’s choices.

Reflection can be presented in written, visual or spoken form.

Self Management

To unlock this badge you must participate fully and collaboratively with the members of your group throughout the preparation and exploration stage of rehearsal.


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