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Badge icon "Letter (1209)" provided by Tom Schott, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Post Haste

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To unlock this achievement, you must write a letter that exceeds 500 words in length and conforms to the following criteria:

Remember to review the annotated exemplars below to see what this criteria looks like in practice


  • Writing is extended in form – piece communicates a single complex fact, idea and/or opinion
  • An appropriately formal tone is established
  • Writing employs standard English diction
  • Ideas are linked effectively using appropriate discourse markers
  • Deliberate selection of appropriate tense and viewpoint


  • The letter is laid out using a widely-accepted layout
  • The letter follows a clear paragraph structure
  • Paragraphs are used to clearly delineate ideas


  • Paragraphs make a clear point
  • Any questions could reasonably be answered in writing by the recipient


  • Spelling is accurate in most words with some lapses in uncommon/technical language
  • Simple sentence structure is secure
  • Compound sentence structure is secure in most instances
  • Some minor errors in complex sentence structure that have a minimal impact on meaning
  • Punctuation is accurate in most instances
  • Tense and viewpoint are largely sustained consistently

Examples of transactional writing (the first unlocked, the second has not yet unlocked the Transactional Writing badge)

KS3 Exemplar Stage One Transactional Writing


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