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Geology Rocks

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Even the non-living world is a constantly changing environment. The rocks, mountains, volcanoes and magma in our world are in a perpetual cycle of vigorous destruction and gentle metamorphosis over time. To get the Geology Rocks badge you must complete a piece of work which includes the following four sections:

  1. An introduction to the three types of rocks
    • how can you identify them?
    • a real life example
    • where they are made?
    • how they are made
    • what they are commonly used for
  2. A description and explanation of the rock cycle
    • use all the following words: deformation,deposition, metamorphism, weathering, erosion,crystallisation, magma and lava
    • an original diagram or an explanation using a published diagram is acceptable
  3. An explanation of three types of weathering
  4. An explanation of how different types of igneous rocks come to have different crystal sizes

Make a presentation, write an essay or a poster, even do some practical demonstrations. It”s up to you and your teacher. Good luck!


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