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Badge icon "Bully (738)" provided by Edward Boatman, Chacha Sikes, Sofya Polyakov, Ben Sheldon, Kate Hopkins & Halley Sikes, from The Noun Project under The symbol is published under a Public Domain Mark

Motivated Action

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You can unlock this badge by performing a considered dramatic action within a wider drama and explain the character’s motivations for performing the action.

Your work must demonstrate the following:

Explore Meaning

  • You must use preparation time effectively.
  • Your dramatic action must function within the given constraints of the moment.
  • Your dramatic action must make use of the context within which the character exists.
  • Your dramatic action must have a clear motivation that signals what the character hopes to achieve through it’s performance (‘I do this because I want to…’ or ‘I do this because I am…’)

Transmit Meaning

The following should be used to demonstrate the criteria of the ‘Explore Meaning’ and ‘Deconstruct Meaning’ sections.

  • Your action must appear within a wider moment of dramatic action of at least 30 seconds in length.
  • The transmission of the meaning of your action should be via body language, rather than verbal communication (though verbal communication can be used in addition to the physical action).
  • You remain invested in the fiction for the duration of the drama.]
  • The action is clearly visible to the audience.

Deconstruct Meaning

  • You must be able to explain the decisions you have made in relation to the performance of your action.
  • You must describe how the action was performed using appropriate descriptions of body language.
  • You must be able to explain the motivation behind the action.
  • You must explain why the action was performed in this way in accordance to the character’s motivation.
  • You must be able to explain the meaning of the action.

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