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Expository Essay

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To unlock this achievement, you must submit a piece of writing that conforms to the stylistic features of a written argument.  This piece must exceed 700 words in length and meet or exceed to the following criteria:

Form (Rhetoric: Feature Article – Debate)

  • Title must establish thesis statement
  • Writing is extended in form
  • There is deliberate selection of tense and viewpoint designed to influence the reader
  • Language devices are selected for clear rhetorical purpose
  • Standard English diction used throughout


  • The opening paragraph should outline the origins of the argument
  • ideas linked effectively using appropriate discourse markers
  • final paragraph brings closure to the argument


  • Point of View develops with each paragraph
  • Facts and opinions are used to strengthen the argument
  • Each paragraph makes direct links to the thesis statement
  • Includes relevant linguistic and grammatical features for the purpose of the writing


  • Spelling is accurate in most words with some lapses in uncommon/technical language
  • Simple sentence structure is secure
  • Compound sentence structure is secure
  • Some minor errors in complex sentence structure that have a minimal impact on meaning
  • Punctuation is accurate in most instances
  • Tense and viewpoint are largely sustained consistently

Exemplar of a piece of writing that fits the criteria required to unlock the Expository Essay badge:

Unlock Achievement – Stage 2 Expository Writing


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