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Raw Data

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Data can only be considered properly collected once it has been recorded in an appropriate results table. It’s important that results tables are drawn consistently so that all scientists of all ages are able to interpret and perhaps graphically display our data. You will unlock this achievement when you can collect a set of data from practical work and display it, independently, in a table that fulfills the following criteria:

  • The independent variable is in column one and the dependent variable is in column two
  • Column headings are included and are named correctly
  • Units have been drawn as /UNIT in the column headings
  • There are no units in data cells
  • All data is recorded to the same number of decimal places OR three significant figures (the number of decimal places on the measuring apparatus is ideal)
  • There are at least 3 recorded repeats of measurements taken
  • Includes an average column with correctly calculated averages
  • Finally, you must include an informative title.

Examples of pieces of work are below. the first student has not yet unlocked this badge.


The next student has redrafted this badge and it is now unlocked.



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