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Point of Information

You can unlock this achievement up to two times by taking part in a formal debate. Your presentation must conform to the following criteria:


  • Your preparation of information and analysis covered most major issues for the given topic

Organisation and Presentation:

  • There was a logical flow in the presentation of arguments
  • Your information was organised in a coherent manner
  • Your presentation contained key points that further your over-all team line
  • Your presentation employed a range of effective persuasive techniques
  • You spoke with clarity and precision
  • Your body, voice and facial expressions were used to further strengthen your arguments or undermine others (for example, a sarcastic, skeptical or imperious expression)

Use of Arguments:

  • Your debate speech presented your arguments clearly
  • Your arguments strengthened your team’s line

Rebuttal (where appropriate)

  • You offered a clear defense against challenges to your team’s argument from the opposite side;
  • You were able to identify any weakness of the opposite side’s argument


To follow are some examples of students who have successfully unlocked this achievement. You can see many more on Edutronic TV



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