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Badge icon "Castle (2478)" provided by Matthew R. Miller, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Tread the Boards

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You can unlock this achievement by participating in a performance of a scene from a Shakespearian play. This scene can be performed in a classroom setting and the performance of scripts that are interpretations of Shakespeare’s scenes are also acceptable.

The performance must meet the following criteria

  1. The scene must be at least 4 minutes in length and each character must be actively performing for at least 1 minute of the total time
  2. You must play your role without reliance on a script, with only minor variations from the original wording.
  3. Your use of voice, body, movement and the space must demonstrate an awareness of the dramatic potential of the scene and to some extent support the audience’s interpretation of your character

You can unlock this achievement in conjunction with the “Riff the Bard” badge for the interpretation of a Shakespearian play

Examples of performances where students have unlocked this achievement:


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