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Poetry- Write a Sonnet

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To unlock this achievement you must submit a poem that adheres to the poetic form of a Petrarchan sonnet.


Form (English Sonnet)

  • The poem must have 14 lines, divided into an octave and a sestet.
  • The poem must convey feelings of love and/or passion.
  • The poem must use an a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g rhyme scheme.
  • The poem must be written using an iambic pentameter.


  • Stanzas are used to clearly delineate ideas
  • The octave must state a problem, ask a question, or express an emotional tension.
  • The sestet must resolve the problem, answer the question, or relieve the tension.


  • The poem uses symbolic imagery to communicate its ideas to the reader.
  • The poem uses appropriate language features to communicate emotion to the reader.


  • Spelling is accurate in most words with few lapses, even in uncommon language
  • Punctuation features are used consistently and correctly and in some instances are used for creative effect

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