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Badge icon "Typewriter (1966)" provided by Simon Child, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Editor’s Credit

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To unlock this badge you will need to be credited by another writer as a major influence on the final form of a text. This means that you read and made comments on an early draft or (which is easier to provide evidence of) that you have offered comments on the blog of another student.

  • Comments should be extended over the course of at least two paragraphs and reference passages from the text, although this could be done through annotation.
  • An editor’s comments should refer to the language used by the original author and be focused on improving and making clearer the writing.
  • The editor may also wish to engage with the other writer’s ideas and offer some limited critical feedback.
  • The badge is awarded whether or not that author chooses to take the editor’s advice.

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