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Badge icon "3D Glasses (1280)" provided by NDSTR, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

This is Novel!

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Earners of this badge have read one sophisticated extended text and developed a response that makes clear and extensive links between technical, linguistic and/or literary techniques and the wider meaning or themes these develop.


  • You must identify specific textual features, such as:
    • Language effects like grammatical patterns, neologism, technical terms or specific diction
    • Literary components like plot, character and setting
    • Figurative techniques like metaphor, meter or irony
    • Structural devices like foreshadowing, repetition, hierarchy or circularity
  • You must consistently explain the effect of these features, supported by quoted examples
  • Links must be made between these features and the meaning, genre or theme of the text

Reader response

  • Some reference must be made to the original context of the text (and/or author) and their effect on your reading of the text
  • The piece must show evidence of an individual reader’s response, through domains such as:
    • Reference to contemporary parallels
    • Personal resonances
    • Intertextual references


  • The response can take the form of a presentation, extensive contribution to a discussion, an essay or a thesis defense


  • Suitable texts: Play scripts, Novels, Autobiographies, Films, Non-Fiction accounts, Documentaries.

Check the following exemplars to see what kind of work has unlocked this badge in the past:

Unlock Achievement – Stage 2 – This is Novel – Exemplar

And here is Mr Waugh explaining what an essay about Fate in Romeo and Juliet that unlocks this achievement might contain


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