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Badge icon "Ribbon (3391)" provided by Nicolò Bertoncin, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

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You can unlock this badge up to three times by submitting no less than three paragraphs of work within any longer text that have been edited until they are perfect.  The work must meet the following criteria (alternatively, any deviation from this criteria must be justified):

  • Spelling of all words, including a range of words that are complex is consistently perfect throughout the selection of paragraphs.
  • Punctuation is consistently perfect, and must include advanced features like quoted speech, complex sentences and semi-colons.
  • You have used a range of sentence structures (simple, compound and complex); each of these are accurate.
  • Tense is controlled and consistent.
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar are all used to deliberate effect in the piece, generating an appropriate tone and style.
  • Your paragraphs are well organised, guiding your reader throughout your piece.

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