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Badge icon "Car (5374)" provided by Felipe Bachian, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)


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This badge is a natural progression from the Speed badge. One great way of looking at the movement of objects is how it’s speed varies across a journey. We can draw distance time graphs to visually display the journey or we can use someone else’s graph to get speeds and acceleration information from it. You must to both for this badge. 

To unlock this achievement you must:

  • Draw your own distance time graph from speed, distance and time information about a journey.
    • axis must be correctly labelled with units
    • lines must be drawn neatly
    • lines which should be straight must be perfectly straight
    • each stage must labelled with either, constant speed, acceleration or deceleration
  • From someone else’s graph calculate:
    • The speed at each stage of the journey.
    • The average speed of the journey



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