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To unlock this badge you will need to demonstrate your ability to be and respond in role throughout an improvised or rehearsed moment. You can unlock this badge up to three times.

You will need to demonstrate the following within your improvisation:

Explore Meaning

  • Your role play adheres to the given circumstances of the situation.
  • You have identified the key features of the role.
  • Your role play explores the character’s objective/s.
  • Your role play demonstrates an exploration of the social situation of the character.
  • Any rehearsal time is focussed on ‘being’ and doing rather than discussing and planning.

Transmit Meaning

  • You must remain fully engaged with the fictional world.
  • There is a clear sense that you are responding to the demands of the role ‘in the moment’, rather than preparing a polished performance for an audience.
  • Your role play responds to the situation truthfully.
  • You adapt the register of your language to the situation.
  • You adapt your body language to the situation.
  • Your actions are coherent with the situation, taking into account status, social conventions and cultural codes.

Deconstruct Meaning

  • You are able to explain how you responded in role.
  • You are able to describe how you adapted your body language, actions and language and what this uncovered about the situation.
  • You are able to consider why the character behaved in this way and how it has developed our understanding of them.
  • You are able to consider how the outcome of the event might affect the character’s future behaviour.

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