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Genre Writing

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To unlock this achievement you must submit a piece of creative writing that conforms to the stylistic features of a selected genre. The piece must exceed 600 words in length and conform to the following writing criteria:

Form (Genre Writing)

  • The piece follows a narrative structure consistent with its genre
  • Your writing employs figurative language effects typical for its genre
  • Your writing uses grammatical effects typical for its genre
  • You deliberately select tense and viewpoint for effect
  • Your setting, character and themes are appropriate for your chosen genre


  • Spelling is accurate in most words with some lapses in uncommon/technical language
  • Simple sentence structure is secure
  • Compound sentence structure is secure in most instances
  • Some minor errors in complex sentence structure that have a minimal impact on meaning
  • Punctuation is accurate in most instances
  • Tense and viewpoint are largely sustained consistently

Check to see when you will gain opportunities to unlock this achievement in your class.

Exemplars of writing that meets the Genre Writing criteria:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Stage Two – Genre Writing – Exemplar [Derived from Mr Waugh’s Dystopian Openings, Grammar for Writing genre study project.]

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Stage Two – Genre Writing – Exemplar 2 [Derived from Mr North‘s “Write like Orwell” project]



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