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Badge icon "People (5620)" provided by Naomi Atkinson, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)

Sustain A Role

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To unlock this badge you will need to demonstrate your ability to be and respond in role throughout an extended improvised or rehearsed moment/ a sequence of rehearsed or improvised moments. You can unlock this badge up to three times.

You will need to demonstrate the following within your improvisation:

Explore Meaning

  • Your role play adheres to the given circumstances of the situation.
  • You have identified the key features of the role.
  • Your role play explores the character’s objective/s.
  • Your role play demonstrates an exploration of the social situation of the character.
  • Any rehearsal time is focussed on ‘being’ and doing rather than discussing and planning.

Transmit Meaning

  • You must remain fully engaged with the fictional world.
  • There is a clear sense that you are responding to the demands of the role ‘in the moment’, rather than preparing a polished performance for an audience.
  • Your role play responds to the situation truthfully.
  • The attitudes you adopt within your role play are communicated clearly through:
    • the register of your language;
    • the use of body language;
    • the use of dramatic action.
  • Your actions are coherent with the situation, taking into account status, social conventions and cultural codes.
  • Your role play explores the objectives of the character fully.
  • Your role contributes to the creation of tension.

Deconstruct Meaning

  • You are able to explain how you responded in role.
  • You are able to describe how you adapted your body language, actions and language and what this uncovered about the situation.
  • You are able to consider why the character behaved in this way and how it has developed our understanding of them.
  • You are able to consider how the outcome of the event might affect the character’s future behaviour.
  • You are able to comment on how the context of the character (social, political, economical etc.) affected your role.

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