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Badge icon "Construction (5531)" provided by The Noun Project under Creative Commons Public Domain

Cathetic Object

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You can unlock this badge by investing cathetic meaning into an everyday object.

Explore Meaning

  • Selected object must be ‘ordinary’ in the world of the drama.
  • The object must be present throughout the key stages of the drama
  • A series of deliberate actions must be devised that develop the cathetic meaning of the object.

Transmit Meaning

  • ‘Handling’ of the object must ensure the audience recognises its developing cathetic meaning.
  • The object should be used ultimately to augment the central meaning of the performance.

Deconstruct Meaning

  • You must be able to explain the decisions you have made in relation to the cathetic object
  • Reflection forms a narrative of the journey of the object through the drama, plotting the events and instances where it acquires cathetic meaning and how this strengthens the central message.

Reflection can be presented in written, visual or spoken form.

Self Management

Evidence of the development of the object should be kept throughout the devising process


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