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To unlock the Inception badge, you must write an extended analytical essay that explores a number of layers of meaning in an extended text you have studied. The analysis must clearly enumerate a theory about how these different layers combine to strengthen the ideas presented in the text. These ‘layers of meaning’ may include the following:

  • Author’s Intention
  • Reader’s Response
  • Historical Context
  • Contemporary Context
  • Use of Dramatic or Narrative Devices
  • Philosophical or Theological references
  • Language Effects
  • Figurative Effects

Remember to review the annotated exemplars below to see what this criteria looks like in practice

Form (Analytical Essay)

  • Writing is extended in form – piece pursues a clear line of reasoning
  • Writing employs standard English diction and uses a transactional style
  • Ideas are linked effectively using appropriate discourse markers
  • Deliberate control of tense and viewpoint


  • The essay follows a clear paragraph structure with an introduction and conclusion
  • Paragraphs are used to clearly delineate ideas


  • Paragraphs make a clear point
  • Paragraphs each contain a valid line of reasoning
  • The essay uses quotations to support the argument/understanding
  • Literary, Generic, Philosophical, Authorial or linguistic features the text are addressed in sufficient detail.
  • Literary, Generic, Philosophical, Authorial or linguistic features the text are clearly delineated, giving the reader a clear sense of how they contribute to the text’s impact.
  • The essay is tightly focussed on the question


  • Spelling is accurate in most words with few lapses, even in uncommon/technical language
  • Complex sentence structure is employed to add nuance and clarity to the analysis
  • Punctuation features are used consistently and correctly and in some instances are used to illuminate the analysis

Check to see when you will gain opportunities to unlock this achievement in your class.


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