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Badge icon "Water (3168)" provided by Gilad Fried, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)
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To unlock this achievement you must submit an extended poem that adheres to the poetic form of an elegy.


Form (Elegy)

  • The poem makes imaginative use of the first person
  • The poem must have at least 4 stanzas of at least four lines each
  • The poem must have a regular rhyme scheme
  • The poem must respond to the notion of loss
  • The poem should raise a question about destiny, fate and/or justice


  • Stanzas are used to clearly delineate ideas
  • The poem should open with a poetic muse or its artistic inspiration
  • The poem should close with an expression of hope (variations may be accepted if a commentary is provided that explains the artistic decision to move away from the structural convention)


  • The poem makes subtle links between the events surrounding the deceased and the events within the poet’s life
  • Each stanza focusses on a particular idea, image or event (literal or metaphorical)
  • The poem uses symbolic imagery to communicate its ideas to the reader
  • The poem uses emotive language to develop a sense of loss throughout the poem


  • Spelling is accurate in most words with few lapses, even in uncommon language
  • Punctuation features are used consistently and correctly and in some instances are used for creative effect

Check to see when you will gain opportunities to unlock this achievement in your class.


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