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Jesus had great leadership characteristics.”

  1. Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion.
  2. Give reasons why someone might disagree with you

To get the Jesus Badge:

  • A clear sentence stating whether they agree or disagree with the statement provided
  • A clear sentence stating why some people might disagree with their point of view
  • 4 good clear PEEL paragraphs (2 for /2 against- minimum)
  • Good use of subject specific vocabulary (Key words from the list)
  • Detailed evidence that class work has been revised
  • Good evidence of independent study
  • At least two clear paragraphs providing a good understanding of Jesus’ life
  • providing a good awareness of the personal importance it may have for a Christian
  • Some reflection on alternative religious or non-religious viewpoints (How important was Jesus?)
  • Which Leadership characteristics did/didn’t Jesus possess?


  • P -Point
  • E -Evidence
  • E -Explanation
  • L -Link back to question



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