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You can use this page to check your earned achievements (if you’re logged into this site these will appear to the left of this).

The menus above allow you to explore the hundreds of achievements available to you at the London Nautical School. When you’re logged in your can filter these lists to show which you have already unlocked and which are still available.

Your teacher will often alert you to opportunities to unlock an achievement as part of your day to day learning, but your opportunities to achieve are not limited by this. If you have met the criteria of any achievement, and you can provide evidence for this, you can unlock any achievement on the system.

Some achievements are compulsory in some courses – and others are discretionary. There are achievements that you can gain for being involved in the wider life of the school and even sometimes achievements that relate to a particular event.

You can try to unlock an achievement as many times as you want – so don’t be disheartened if you don’t unlock it the first time. Many of the achievements on the London Nautical School system are extremely challenging, so it would be expected that many of them will need to be attempted more than once in your school career.

When you unlock an achievement at the London Nautical School, it stays unlocked. You carry this qualification forward throughout your time at the school and will never be expected to repeat that particular work. Instead you’ll be challenged to tackle something at a higher level of complexity.

Remember the criteria for every achievement is published on this site, and examples of other students work that has successfully unlocked the achievement is embedded in every page – so you can always use this site to clarify what is expected of any particular achievement. Often your work will meet much of the criteria and will only need small amendments to unlock the achievement – when you are writing, using your blog will allow you to collaborate with your teacher to edit and develop your work, which means you can avoid constant re-writes when trying to attain a particularly complex achievement.

Some pieces of work, like a literary essay, for example, make you eligible for more than one achievement. Sometimes you will be awarded the badge for the writing aspect of a literary essay, but not the reading aspect because there are still aspects of the original text that you may not have fully apprehended.

Don’t hesitate to speak to your teacher if you want any assistance unlocking achievements at the London Nautical School.

There is also more information available about this system here


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